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Working as a Yorkshire Freelance Photographer I get plenty of single commissions from new and existing clients. This one came a little out of the blue but was special in the sense it was multiple location shoot with Co-op’s food and drink suppliers.

Co-op supermarket prides itself on using local suppliers and rightly so. I love to visit any new business and as a freelance photographer I always get chance to see behind the scenes and have a chat with the people. This gig was quite a bit of travel but the locations meant it was possible to do several in a day which made costing and life a bit easier.

Yorkshire Freelance Photographer

Black & White

The client’s brief also requested black and white versions which was a little different but suits my ‘high contrast’ style anyway. Small supplies such as breweries and sweet manufacturers are always going to be great places to visit. It’s fascinating to see the hundred-year-old sweet making machinery that’s still working perfectly. The brewing process so simple and undertaken for millennia. Talking to beef farmers about managing livestock and the popularity of quality meat.

Freelance Photography in Yorkshire

Undertaking shoots like this can have an element of luck. You rock up on the day and never really know what to expect. The business knows when you are turning up but may not be 100% prepared or indeed even be doing production that day. There is often a necessity to stage the photograph because of the requirements of the shoot. Let’s say that the head brewery actually spends quite a lot of time on the phone selling beer and not much making it. We really want to photograph the head brewer and the brewery process. So, we get the head brewer (York Breweries) to carry round some barrels in the brewery. It sounds a bit obvious but combining elements into one photograph is essentially what I do a lot.

Yorkshire Freelance Photographer

What’s it all for? The images were used at point of sale with-in the store. Small labels on shelving around certain products that would give a customer some providence to the products. What was lovely was going into my product store one day and seeing some of my images on display. Often my work disappears off into the ether never to be seen. Seeing it in such prominence in my every-day life was a lovely surprise.

Freelance Photography in Yorkshire

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