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If you are looking for a videographer in Yorkshire then welcome. Videos are now an integral part to most marketing campaigns. Video increase social media shares dramatically, SEO ranking, drive traffic from search engines and ultimately increases sales and leads.

Most businesses don’t actually require a huge amount of investment in large corporate video shoots or expensive Christmas TV advertisements. Many businesses actually could benefit from a short video on a homepage to welcome visitors. Some interesting social media content, a few simple product videos or some clips to illustrate a manufacturing process can be very engaging.

These videos do not need a huge amount of branding or elaborate graphics and actually work better as straightforward messages.

Videographer in Yorkshire

Richmond's Georgian Theatre

Newark's Pikes and Plunder Promo

Invicta Video - Longer with Voice Over

Outdoor Cooking with Mountain Warehouse.

Get Your Business Noticed

There is always the temptation to get someone in the office with an iPhone to do videos but quite frankly, if it’s done badly, it can devalue the look and feel of not only your website but your brand.

When my clients have decided to go down the road of commissioning a professional videographer, they are not only delighted with the result but surprised at the minimal cost and the lack of disruption. It is also possible to create several different versions of the same film to maximise use and effectiveness.

One shooting day and you have videos for a looped show-reel at an exhibition, presentation or pitch meeting videos, website video, social media video, silent introduction video for a reception area; there are many potential applications.

Good for Search Optimization

All the equipment I use for video is portable and lightweight causing as little hassle to myself and the client as possible. I utilise simple audio and lighting set-ups so that I can capture crystal clear audio while ensuring people look their best. Nothing requires cables or plugging in to the mains which makes the working area safer and reduces setting up time.

Generally, I have agreed on a brief and script with a client before the shoot, we discuss a rough shot list and talk about the final output parameters, running-time, format, graphics and so forth. Typically, I include in the shoot fee two lots of revision to the initial supplied video, as I understand that people may want to tweak thing slightly. This is normally sufficient to get the final video perfected. If clients wish to make further additions or large changes in the future, I work on an hourly rate and charge a small editing fee.

Get in Touch for a Quote

On many occasions a client will book me for half a day of stills photography and a half day of videography. If they are re-branding a website, they get a new image library as well as a fresh homepage video all wrapped up in a cost effective shoot at less that £800.00.

Price for a short video starts at £265.00 for unedited clips. For a several minute-long full video, usually a full day shoot, it would typically cost £795.00 including all editing, logo design and graphics. I work as a videographer in Yorkshire but also take on commissions throughout the UK. 

If you are looking for a videographer, have any further questions and would like to have a chat or receive a quote then please get in touch.

Need help choosing a freelance photographer or videographer? 

Videographer in Yorkshire

Castillium Solar Farm Installations.

Raw Footage for Museum Display - Musket Drill

Firstsource in Middlesbrough

Short Treatment Video - Blacketts Skin & Laser Clinic

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