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As a Sheffield based Industrial Photographer, I was commissioned to do a half day shoot at Servelec Controls. Servelec Controls develops and builds control systems for oil and gas, power, nuclear, infrastructure and defence. I suppose in laymen’s terms you could say they make big and complicated control panels. Although their head office is in Sheffield they do have bases throughout the UK.

Industrial Photography Sheffield

As the systems they are provide are safety-critical, failure not being an option in the nuclear industry, they need to portray a confident image. As part of a global brand redesign and website update, they got in touch for some new imagery.

This commission brief was like many that I shoot. As there is no site visit beforehand its hard to predict what needs to be captured on the day. Experience has taught me what I need to pack and what just slow the process.

Industrial Photography Sheffield

One of the things that I ask companies when I’m doing a shoot like this is, what makes you special?  All companies have tables and PC’s and photocopiers. Its often what happens in the workshops that is most photographic and most relevant. Again, a common reply can be, ‘but our workshop is messy!’.  Clients and customer don’t want to see into that corner where you throw the offcuts. Just a competent looking member of staff working on a single piece of work can be a strong image. Often the old adage less is more applies.


Fortunately, Servelec’s facilities were very clean. We did plenty of shots in the assembly area with large controls panels. Often a little multi-meter can add interest and those bright cables always look good. In addition, we got some staff shots. These could be used to simulate a design meeting or for recruitment. I also like to shoot what I call generics. These are simple pictures that can be used as backgrounds in publications or presentations. Often, they are just repeated patterns of stock or a close up of a panel or circuit board. Like generic stock images but specific to your business. Its all added value and often when you are looking for ‘the picture’ you don’t see all the little stuff that is often quite beautiful.


Although based in Sheffield I work throughout the United Kingdom. If you are having a website update and need some new images and video content then please get in touch for a chat and a quote.

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