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As a Rotherham based PR photographer, I work with so many different companies. I have noticed the name MGB stamped on our wheelie bins and never really thought anything about it. So, when I was asked to visit their factory in Rotherham to shoot some fresh images, I was curious.

Rotherham PR Photographer

Wheelie bins are those sorts of products that you don’t think about because they have always been there. There are literally thousands, probably millions, of products that we see throughout our lives and never really pay any mind to how they are designed, made and who makes them.

I used to work as in industrial designer and the chap who I worked for (Ray Innes) designed the first asthma inhaler. Such a simple thing and yet one that, clutched so tightly, changed so many peoples lives. We have these intimate relationships with products that we wear and use and almost pay no mind to these silent slaves.

Rotherham PR Photographer

The plastic monoliths consume our waste and live in our back yards and gardens are actually made in huge injection moulding machines that cost millions of pounds. The process involves melted plastic being squeezed in to a mould at high pressure and cooled to form a shape. The real genius come in designing the mould (or tool) that can separate to produce the plastic component.

PR Photography in Rotherham

Whilst doing some general factory and assembly shots I also took a few quick product shots to showcase they’re output. Some of the most useful images turned out to be some or the large stack of product in the stores. These work well on websites and in presentations.

PR Photography in Rotherham
Rotherham Based Photographer

Seeing the Rotherham factory producing all these varied plastic components was really interesting and bright plastic always makes for strong photography. The factory was very clean too which always helps. I love working as a process and manufacturing photographer and getting these kind of marketing images is what keeps my job fun.

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