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My work as a Rotherham freelance photographer often leads me to places and businesses that surprise me. One of my regular clients, Martek Marine, for example, are world leaders in ship safety and distribute their products globally. I often undertake PR and commercial photography in the retail sector and recently photographed some staff and PR shots for Specsavers in Rotherham.


As a commercial photographer I am used to shooting event and conferences. Magna (formally Templebrough Steelworks) is an unusual backdrop for a party and there are many conference and event venues in Rotherham. I love the variety of my job and when I was approached by Bisley Workwear to undertake some clothing shots in Rotherham, I jumped at the chance.


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Freelance Videographer and Photographer in Rotherham

So that is just a few of my Rotherham clients. Whether shooting products for Martek Marine, store photography for Specsavers, manufacture for MGB or PR for Bisley Workwear, it’s all interesting work. It’s often a bit of leap of faith using a new freelancer for the first time. As freelancers we have to understand that we are representing not only ourselves, but often working on behalf of a PR/Marketing agency. It’s their trusted client that we interface with. I pride myself on always being punctual, professional and easy to work with. It’s seems pretty obvious to me that you could be the best photographer in the world, but if your rude or pushy, no-one will want to book you.

In addition to offering creative and bold still images, as a video trained journalist, I also provide video content. Short web videos or content for social media have become increasingly important in today’s marketing. A short, punchy, well branded film can offer great content on a home page or in a campaign. Often its more cost effective to get a sole supplier for the video and stills content. It also saves time issuing separate briefs and instructions.


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Commercial and PR Photography in the Rotherham Area

As a former journalist I worked for some of the Norths biggest newspapers. Since establishing Doug Jackson Photography in 2007 I have travelled around the UK and Europe photographing many businesses and individuals. Also please check out my recent work.

So, if you are looking for a professional photographer who can provide still and video content please get in touch.

 I would be more than happy to discuss how I can help with your business or campaign.

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Videography by Doug Jackson


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