Product Photographer

It is fortunate to be a product photographer in Yorkshire with so many diverse and interesting businesses in the region. Most of the product shoots I do tend to require me moving the studio to the client, although I do have a small studio where clients occasionally send me products.

A lot of my clients often need a quick turn-round with product photography. Normally I Shoot for brochures and catalogues, routinely working to tight deadlines. Some of the products I photograph are straightforward to shoot. Others may require more thought and planning. For example photographing the computer cases for Sheffield based Very PC, with glass, reflective sides and LED lit elements inside, was a fun challenge.

Product Photographer

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Many of my clients require product photography as an add-on to a one day shoot. I photographed some re-brand images for a new website at ACC Cryoma in Oxfordshire and I did exteriors and product shots in the factory and design offices. More than enough to refresh a new website and all done in half a day. The addition of stock images would cost you more.

Product Photographer
Product Photographer

Two of my many regular clients include Martek Marine (in Rotherham) and Invicta bakeware (in Pickering). Both these clients have vast catalogues of diverse products. As most of the products my clients need photographing are in their stores or their warehouse, naturally these are often the ideal places to set up a studio.

If you have any products you need images of and require a product photographer then please get in touch for a chat.

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