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Being a Process and Manufacturing Photographer can often be rather demanding but also interesting. Whether it’s the house-sized ovens that treat huge metal components at Sheffield based Special steels Ltd. or a dog food factory in Yorkshire, there is always something new. Admittedly McLaren’s Technology centre in Woking is very different to a meat processing facility in Stoke-on-Trent, but many of the challenges that you face can be the same.

What does the client want highlighting? What does the client want hiding? How do you work alongside staff members?

Process and Manufacturing Photographer
Process and Manufacturing Photographer

One of the best things about working in the manufacturing sector is seeing how things are made. From the huge injection moulding machines at MGB in Rotherham that make wheelie bins to battery recycling Ecobat in Birmingham, both things we take for granted! Certainly the most challenging aspects can be low lighting and it can be a hazardous environment. I have lost two flash guns in the last few years, both run over by forklifts!

Process and Manufacturing Photographer
Process and Manufacturing Photographer Yorkshire

I recently photographed a fish landing and filleting facility in Denmark in the middle of winter. The conditions were a real challenge, I started at around 4am and was wrapped up by 4pm. It can be pretty hard work but the clients loved the images and the video footage. Once again it was a real eye opener to see up close a forward thinking traditional industry.

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Process and Manufacturing Photographer

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