PR Photography for Deliveroo in Sheffield City Centre

As a Sheffield based freelance PR photographer, the shoot for Deliveroo was quite a typical brief. Doing PR Photography for Deliveroo in Sheffield City Centre. Many clients when launching a new service in a new city ask for similar shots using certain props and models in front of iconic parts of the built environment. Sheffield has many recognisable places so its often just a case of what’s feasible in the time. Also, there is a slim chance that someone’s going to come along and say, “You can’t take photos here!” so being speedy is good.

PR Photography for Deliveroo in Sheffield City Centre

I wanted to show some static shots as well as movement shots so finding a street with no traffic is important. The road around the back of the city hall was perfect. These shoots do require a little planning especially if you don’t know the city or town. Experience as press photographer has taught me that local knowledge is really important and people are more than happy to help.

Sheffield, in South Yorkshire, is packed full of creativity and allegedly containing more artists than any other UK city outside of London. Many large manufacturing businesses still flourish in this green city providing an interesting juxtaposition for the photographer. Before I became a freelance photographer, I trained as a photo-journalist in Sheffield whilst working, for many different newspapers, so I knew the city well and was delighted to move back here in 2012. For many years I have undertaken PR, business and corporate work in South Yorkshire and beyond shooting for company brochures and adverting campaigns as well as providing pictures for press releases that ultimately end up in the news portals.

PR Photography for Deliveroo in Sheffield City Centre

Love Sheffield..

I love working as a Sheffield freelance PR photographer. There is always new companies and new challenges. If you are looking for a freelance PR photographer in Sheffield please get on touch. Doug Jackson is based in Sheffield but works throughout Yorkshire and the UK.

Read a little of the history of the Steel City.

PR Photography for Deliveroo in Sheffield City Centre

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