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One of the joys of being a working Sheffield Architectural Photographer is that you get to see new build both inside and out.  I was commissioned to undertake some architectural and interior photography in Sheffield recently. The building in question was the new Sig head office on Europa Way in Sheffield.



The build was a brand new three storey office building providing new headquarters in Sheffield for specialist buildings products distributor, SIG. It was a campus style development, over three stories designed to improve the company’s operational efficiency. Its facilities also include 275 car parking spaces complete with electric charging points. Lots of good environmental features too as the building features an herbaceous green roof, an air source heat pump, intelligent lighting, solar control lighting and brise soleil.


Photographing a new building is always a fun prospect. There is a crucial bit before handover where it looks great and all the final snagging has been completed. That’s the perfect time for I like to step in for the photography. This place was like a new pin. People inevitably bring their own personality with them into office spaces. Furry trolls stuck on monitors and coffee cups that profess their owner is the world’s best dad are fine. But generally, clients of new builds want a building looking clean and sharp.


Sheffield has many fantastic buildings both new and old. From the old town hall, to the relolutionary concreteopia of park hill.

Despite the building looking great you can never predict the weather and despite it not being great it could have been worse. The shoot went fine although it would have been nice to be onsite for longer than just a quick run-around. I understand that all companies have their budgets. It would have also been nice to do some shots at dusk with the lights on but that just wasn’t possible with this shoot. A nice architectural photography commission in Sheffield though. I love those big, bold blocks of red and grey.

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