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I love working as a museum and heritage photographer but even when working as a staff photographer for a newspaper I would regularly cover stories about new exhibitions at museums and country houses or recent finds at archaeological digs. Growing up in the historically rich town of Whitby I have always been an enthusiastic scholar of history and understand the value of museums, heritage and tourism. I remember as a press photographer the thrill of going behind the scenes at a museum to photograph a new find or exhibit and be allowed to carefully handle Roman jewellery, an ancient Illuminated book and even the solid gold Newark Torc.

As a keen visitor to museums and historical sites myself, it seems I am especially lucky to get commissions in this area. Holding a Civil War coat or a Roman coin in your hand is an amazing experience. Hearing the passion and history from conservators and curators is also a wonderful accompaniment to any photo shoot.

Newark Torc, Museum, Heritage and Tourism Photographer

Telling the Story

I work with many clients including Councils, I have worked for National Parks, The Canals and Rivers Trust, The Forestry Commission, Welcome to Yorkshire, National Trust, The Land Trust, Independent family museums, The National Civil War Centre and Local Council Authorities including Doncaster Council. I was thrilled to work with the National Civil war Centre shooting and filming for the static exhibition there. Some of the amazing artefacts from the Civil War really brings the story to life, the sheer variety of different exhibitions meant there was always something new to see.
Witchcraft Exhibition Museum, Heritage and Tourism Photographer
Weaponry - Museum, Heritage and Tourism Photographer

In addition to still photography I provide video projects for museums, heritage, tourism and the leisure sectors. Social media is becoming increasingly important and using video content is a very cost-effective way of getting real results online.

Have a look at the following posts for further samples; National Civil War Museum, Doncaster Council and Canal and River Trust.

If you work within the museum and tourism sectors and are looking to commission a freelance photographer for still and/or video then please do get in touch for a chat.

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