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In my work as an Industrial Photographer I recently undertook some work for Kier that took me right around England. It was an unusual commission for me in the sense that the shoots were based over several days and involved multiple locations. In all about thirteen different locations were specified in the brief, from a canal towpath in London, to Bristol and Sheffield. The shoot was to cover various aspects of Kier’s huge business.

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Kier is a huge and successful company that has a massive portfolio of projects. I have undertaken shoots that cover many aspects of their business from residential housing developments to highways and facilities management.

One of the nicest aspects of working as an industrial photographer is the fact that you get to see so many little secret places and processes that you would not normally have access to. It never ceases to amaze me how there is such a huge variety of roles and aspects to a company like Kier. This job was particular interesting as I got to meet the Rights of Way team, the road gritting team and many more people with really interesting jobs.

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You have to think on your feet with work like this. It is very much like the press photography jobs I used to do. You basically rock up and have a 10-minute chat with your contacts there on the day and then it time to capture some images. Most of the time I was lucky on this job to have some help from a member of the Kier PR team, Alex. They ensured everyone was in the correct PPE and it was great to work directly with the client on the day.

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The Industrial photography commissions I undertake have really opened my eyes to the sheer spectacle of large and small infrastructure projects. I have taken photographs from tower cranes, from boats, and had many commissions photographing work on the rail infrastructure. Most of the replacement of signals and gantries happens in the dead of night. You can imagine what sort of challenges that throws up for a photographer.

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If you are looking for an industrial photographer to photograph any large or small project then please get in touch for a chat.

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