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When I first became a freelance Industrial and Rail Infrastructure Photographer some of my first clients that regularly commissioned me were from the industrial and construction sectors. It was great to be involved with large infrastructure projects documenting progress and providing the clients with strong marketing images. I have been working in the rail sector for over ten years working with Volker Rail and Babcock Rail.


In the North of England I provided comprehensive coverage of the TT2 project for Volker Wessels (The Tyne’s second road bridge between Newcastle and Gateshead) from ground break to final commissioning.

The bridge was constructed from pre-formed 90-meter-long concrete sections, with each section being almost completely filled with water to sink it into place on the river bed. To my surprise the client wanted this process captured from inside whilst the section was filled with water. To enter the concrete section, myself and four engineers had to climb up a 50-foot snorkel and then 70ft down into the concrete section, which at that point was floating on the Tyne. Once sunk, we climbed out to just above water level and stepped into a boat. As far as I know I was the first freelance photographer to capture this process.


In contrast I also photographed the concrete sections being cast in the Wallsend dock. This time I was 250ft in the air in a ‘man basket’ dangling from a tower crane. It was windy and a I will admit it got the heart pounding. I remember getting down and my legs were wobbly like spring lambs. See the images here.

Industrial and Rail Infrastructure Photographer
Industrial and Rail Infrastructure Photographer Sheffield

Bold Confident Images

Industrial and Rail Infrastructure Photographer Sheffield
Industrial and Rail Infrastructure Photographer

Often clients are unsure whether to photograph their factories or facilities because they see them as boring or not clean enough. In my experience there are ways to make any type of process or business look interesting. Often the general public and potential customers are incredibly curious by what most companies do. I love the fact that my job allows me to visit an enamel sign maker in Keighley that still uses hand screen printing -Trico. A controls company like Servelec and visit Outokumpu’s blast furnace in the same month. Three very different companies but all equally fascinating.

I have recently been involved in some medical projects working with WHP in Newcastle whose ‘clean’ facilities are built for pharmaceutical development. More locally in Sheffield I worked with Special Steels Ltd and visited the fascinating Catra testing facility.

Yorkshire Rail Photographer

So, if your company is looking for an Industrial and Rail Infrastructure Photographer to photograph your business or project please get in touch for a chat. For further info please see the recent work section as well as the phama and medicalbuilding and projects and rail and manufacturing section.
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