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As a professional photographer working in Yorkshire, I often get commissioned to photograph staff headshots. This can be on the only task of the shoot or most often the headshots are in addition to other elements on the brief. Typically, I may be asked to do some shots for a press release and whilst I am there to get some fresh headshots if there are new staff. Some companies require basic headshots with a white background. Others may have specific requirements in terms of colours or maybe a more natural feeling ‘blurred’ background. If a client is unsure about style, I would normally send out a ‘contact sheet’ of examples so they can decide.

Headshots Photographer

I was photographing some natural portraits at a training session for Virgin Trains recently, in York, and the client asked me to get some headshots of the participants. The intention was to run a series of profile pieces in the Virgin Trains magazines so headshots and general shots were both required. I also shot a group portrait to.

Headshots Photographer

Unless the client requires a very natural lighting set-up, I generally use portable studio lighting for portraits even if it’s just for fill lights to stop shadows. The lights use diffusers to create a natural and flattering feel and big ‘catch-lights’ (white reflections in the eyes) help to make people look bright and healthy.

I tend to get a good set-up that works and then tweak it for individuals when needed. Most companies worry that headshots take ages to do and staff often dread the day it happening. Many people comment that its like school photo day. I put people at ease and frankly it’s a very short process. I have often shot 20 headshots in an hour. Getting both serious and smiley versions. Shooting a couple of different versions is a pretty good idea as a headshot issued with a news release about a major new product is a very different beast to a news release about redundancies.

Headshots Photographer

Headshots remain an important customer facing part of a business’s identity. With social media and professional resources like LinkedIn it is also is important for staff to portray themselves as individuals with clarity and professionalism.

Headshot and fantastic staff headshots are a resource almost all companies can afford.

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