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I have been photographing interiors since I became a photographer. Many people often assume that it must be one of the simpler areas of photography, but as any professional will attest, it can have its challenges. Light level varies dramatically, from a dark room to a bright window and often what a human being perceives with the naked eye is very different to the way our brain processes the image.

Freelance Interiors Photographer based in Sheffield
Freelance Interiors Photographer based in Yorkshire

Lighting can be Key

The job of a professional interiors photographer is not only replicate our human experience of that environment but also enhance and present it in a way that adds interest and appeal. The approach I take to all my photography is dictated by the requirements for those images. If you are photographing a new housing development for a brochure, attracting new residents the images may well be different to that which the architects may require for an awards entry.

Where possible it is ideal to use available and natural light to photograph interior spaces, but often I find it necessary to supplement the natural light to give the image more punch.

Freelance Interiors Photographer based in Yorkshire

Anyone who has taken a picture indoors on a dull day with lights and lamps will know that interiors can look orange and warm. Perhaps the setting requires cosy and a dark ambience, such as a bar, and that suits the subject. However, it would not suit a clinical environment or a modern glass office space. Lighting is often about upping the light levels overall as well as creating points of interest within the frame. Also see: 10 tips for better interiors photography.

I am a Freelance Interior Photographer based in Sheffield, but I work throughout the whole of the UK. So if you require photography for a hotel in Essex or an office in London then please get in touch.

Freelance Interiors Photographer based in Sheffield

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