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Working as a Freelance Features Photographer in Yorkshire means I get to meet interesting people. Feature photography tends to involve more than just a simple portrait and requires the photographer to work a bit harder and capture more of the subject. Often there is a requirement for more diversity and in many ways it can be similar to shooting a case study.

I think there are elements of environmental photography that will always fascinate me. There are lots of things to consider, such as how to use your surroundings; for instance people’s homes or workplaces to add interest to a photograph or using props to tell the story. Often something as simple as just putting a cup of tea in your subjects hand can change the feel of the image. Generally with features you have a little more time to understand the story and the subject.

Britains Sexiest Farmer

Feature Photography in Yorkshire

Working as a features photographer I particularly enjoy doing agricultural or industrial shoots. Those environments can offer rich opportunities for changes in lighting, character, as well as texture. They also tend to be busy places where there are plenty of things to photograph.

Another element of feature photography is shoot ‘big’! Sometimes shooting wide and very loose gives enough space within the frame for text and headlines which gives the editor or graphic designer more scope.

Working sympathetically with your subject is very important, if they are happy to be photographed by you, they will share their story and what they are passionate about. The story, after all, is the most important part.

Features Lincolnshire

For more information on this please see my post on photographing authors Val Mcdermid and Ian Rankin. Also see some further photography here.

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