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My work as a Freelance Corporate Photographer differs from other aspects of photography, as it tends to be more about the people and practice rather than products or process. This includes senior management photography, portraits of staff and also the production of generic images for a company that could even include exteriors of office and reception areas. It is often a lot less costly than clients think to get some really good quality images of their staff. Sheffield based JSP commissioned me to do an hours shoot at their base. see the results here.

I have successfully realised photo-shoots in a huge variety of business’ and offices. Also one of the truisms of photographing people is that a person will never relax in front of the lens if the person behind the camera is nervous or uncertain. More often than not, people like suggestions on how and where to stand, knowing which background, foreground and poses work best, for different people, comes with experience

Corporate Photographer in Sheffield, Yorkshire, Lincolnshire

Working with people in a formal office or board room environment tends to require a different approach to working on the shop floor or at a large public event. I always find it fascinating that there are so many business leaders who appear more nervous for a short portrait session with a freelance corporate photographer than they do presenting to a thousand people. Offices can sometimes present little opportunities for interesting portrait locations, but with some clever lighting and a long lens you can change that.

Corporate Photographer in Sheffield
Corporate Photographer in Sheffield, Yorkshire, Lincolnshire

Understanding the client is the key to being successful as a freelance corporate photographer. I always go that extra mile, not only before the commission, in planning, but afterwards with editing and follow up. Further infomation: Recent Blog Post

If you or your business is searching for a Freelance Corporate Photographer then please do get in touch for a chat and a quote.

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