Construction Photographer

My work as a Construction Photographer is extremely interesting, allowing me to see many industrial projects behind the scenes. For example, maintaining the rail infrastructure of this country. Shutdowns happen at weekends and overnight so when a new gantry or signal is lifted into place very few people, apart form the workforce, will witness it. There is a myriad of specific railway machines that operate around the country lifting, building, digging, flattening the rails that most people would never see. I did one night-shift photographing a Babcock machine that literally lays its own track as it goes. Railways are safety critical areas and you have to have experience working in those environments to realise the limitations of photography and video in those environments, so as not to put other people or the job in jeopardy.

Freelance Construction Photographer

Major Infrastructure and Building Projects

I have been involved with some large infrastructure projects such as TT2, the new Tyne Crossing, which was epic and fascinating. When it comes to smaller building projects, its more typical for the photographer to be there at the beginning and end of the project. This is typical with housing and retail construction but occasionally companies need shots of their staff just going about their daily work. I recently undertook a large multi-day shoot for the Kier Group all around the UK, visiting everything from the Highway Maintenance team in Northampton to the Road Repair team in Wales. There was even a shoot with the facilities management team in Sheffield, which was very useful.

Please get in touch if you are looking for some photography for your construction rail or infrastructure project. I would be delighted to quote for your business.

Freelance Construction Photographer

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