Features Photographer in Yorkshire - Val McDermid and Ian Rankin for The Scotsman

Working as a features photographer in Yorkshire is great when you get a gig that makes you really excited. I have read some of Val McDermid’s books and all of Ian Rankin’s books. I do read I lots of books, especially on Audible while travelling.

This shoot on paper was going to be a great one. The photos were taken at the Old Swan in Harrogate which, although not the biggest venue, does have character.

Features Photographer - Author Ian Rankin
Features Photographer - Author Ian Rankin

Although I was early so had plenty of set-up time it turned out that I would only have about 5 mins with the authors. They had interview commitments so could not hang about at all. Scouting out the location I realised that the place was heaving. In the middle of the crime book festival there is very little quiet free space. On the way up to the room where the interview was going to take place, I noticed the old caged elevator shaft running up the stair case.

Features Photographer - Author Val McDermid

So, I had my location and got cracking setting up my lights. When the authors arrive, we quickly ran through three or four set-ups and I got what we needed. I, sadly, did not even get chance to say I have enjoyed their work.

Normally working as a features photographer in Yorkshire, you have a bit more time around the subject than a short PR job. Knowing what gear, you need or even exactly where you will be working is not a luxury I always have. Often being flexibly on the approach to a job can mean you have an open mind and can be more creative.

Features Photographer - Author Ian Rankin

Such is life and its important that when you head out on a job that you have some decent images you can issue to the client.

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