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Doncaster PR Photographer

As a PR photographer I regularly work in the Doncaster area as its so close to my base in Sheffield. I was commissioned to photograph the fabulous Doncaster markets for the councils promotional materials. Doncaster market does not get the recognition it deserves even in the North of England. One of the stars is the amazing fish market which has a great selection.

Award Winning

Doncaster market is actually spread over ten sites and has in total over 400 stalls. For those who love the traditional chat and service it’s a must. Also, there are whole new generation of consumers who want to shop locally for local products. Doncaster market has won some accolades in the past including the BBC’s Best Food Market in Britain. Doncaster Market is fully open Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays, from 8am until 4pm. Antiques and Second Hand Markets are held on Wednesdays. Farmers Market takes place every first and third Wednesday, and every third Sunday each month.

Doncaster PR Photographer

Working with People

My job for this shoot as a PR photographer was to capture some of the colour and friendliness of the market as well some street views. These kinds of shoots generally involve walking about and looking for the suitable images. Typically, I will find a location that works for the images and check out some angles, foreground, background suitable framing then I speak to the stall holder.

Then I may set-up a little light if needed so that I’m ready to shoot. When a suitable customer pops along I can then (explain what I’m doing) ask them to be in the shot. If they are not keen, I will just wait for another customer. If it’s taking too long, I will ask passing customers to help me and normally people are only too happy to oblige. In this case I had realise forms for people to sign and that can slow proceedings down somewhat but some clients require these. Working this way is not unusual and my experience as a press photographer gave me the confidence to approach people. I know that it can be hard to do that and some people are very shy but its part of my job that’s important.

PR Photographer in Doncaster

In addition to the set-up stuff there are stacks of just natural shots to capture at the market. Any photographer would have fun in place like that just photographing all the stalls and the people interacting. The reason why I set -up some of the shots is that I know what I need and waiting for that to just happen organically? You could be there all day. So, this shoot like many PR shoots required set-up shots and candid photography.

I didn’t know much about Doncaster Markets before this shoot. I love it and I have been back since for my shopping.

PR Photographer in Doncaster

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