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Commercial Photographer Yorkshire

As a Yorkshire commercial photographer, I do a fair bit of driving, Yorkshire being the largest county in the UK. I undertook some shoots recently for Beattie Integrated Communications at various Specsavers stores throughout Yorkshire and Humberside. I was tasked with shooting staff portraits as well as regional winners from the public Spectacle Wearer of the Year wherever possible.

These kinds of photography shoots can highlight very different things. Travelling between two and three stores a day really makes you realise the sheer variety of commercial real-estate that a business, like Specsavers, uses. Some building like the one in Ripon is really old and then you go the Moor in Sheffield, which is a brand-new store. Also, the range of store sizes can vary quite considerably.

Commercial Photographer Yorkshire

The best thing about these kinds of shoots is that my work as a commercial photographer give you chance to have a chat with the staff. Its always interesting to hear about how someone feels about their work and indeed how they actually do their job. Anyone who works for a company like Specsavers is going to be pretty engaging as they work with the public every day.  As with all professionals there is a certain reticence at first about having your photograph taken but it doesn’t last long. When you’ve had a bit of a chat, talked about how you’ll do the shots and put them at ease it, its just a case of setting up and doing the shots.


Commercial Photography in Yorkshire

As a commercial photographer its often this kind of work that keeps you going. I love those jobs that allow you flights of creative fancy and fully engage you but they are time consuming. As a professional photographer with a business and a family I also love those smaller jobs. The ones you can head out to do in a day and get wrapped up, edited and invoices for by supper time. That way you can have an evening off like a normal person.

Commercial Photographer Yorkshire

There is a lot to be said for ‘off the wall’ and avant-garde creative projects and creatives. I also think the ability to product good consistent strong and reliable images, while being efficient and professional is actually just as important. People often say to me, ‘it must be wonderful to have such a creative job!’ (and yes, I love my work) but I think of photography is a bit like being a blacksmith. Some days your making a fancy candelabra, some days your making a hinge for a gate. Whatever your making it must be beautiful but it also has to work!

Commercial Photographer Yorkshire

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