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Shooting business portraits and headshots is a fun part of my job. Wheather working in Sheffield or beyond. Often the environment that you have to work in as a photographer is far from ideal in terms of lighting and space. That’s all part of the challenge. One of the things I often say to my clients is please find the biggest space you can for me. I have moved chairs and tables into nearby (large) storage areas rather than shoot portraits in a tiny office. This is simply because more room means more lighting options and also no one looks good being photographed on a wide-angle lens. Look at your self in the back of a spoon and you will see!

Headshots Sheffield

Many clients like the clean freshness of a plain white background but experience teaches you that again here certain considerations have to be made. Are all the staff going to be in white shirts? Its often the little planning touches before the shoot that make it go seamlessly on the day.

I have done a few different portrait sessions for JSP (based in Sheffield) and we always have a fun time. One of the best things about working with clients repeatedly is you get to know them a little and they relax.

Headshots Sheffield

JSP is typical of the customers who book me. What they want is an hour’s session maybe once a year or so to freshen up their portraits. I can turn up and be ready to shoot in 10 minutes with minimal instruction. The images are available the same day and there are no restrictions on the image usage, no complicated copyright hoops to jump through. They don’t want to spend a huge amount of money but need to present themselves in the best light. £165.00 for a portrait session that provides images for use across all platforms is excellent value. Need a Portraits and Headshots Photographer – Sheffield? Call: 07800542 638

Headshots Sheffield

If you are looking for a professional photographer in Sheffield to shoot your staff portraits and Headshots then please get in touch.

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