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As a Buildings and Projects Photographer I often get commissioned to photograph specific facilities, buildings as well as whole cities. Recently I was commissioned to travel to ten cities in the North of England and photograph each one for a publication – Northern Powerhouse. As a freelance photographer it is common to work with a brief, in this case the brief was pretty open. I decided, as the lead time was rather long, to only shoot when the weather was good.

The key to these kinds of commissions is research, just turning up and expecting to find an attractive building and views to photograph is unrealistic. Preparation is key as a freelance photographer. Before arriving at each city I had already chosen five areas or streets where the city would look it’s most interesting and dynamic.

As this commission was to focus on finance and business development I tried to focus on new buildings. These would be ideally situated within an iconic or recognisable environment. When considering the architectural contrast at Albert dock in Liverpool, where you have new building juxtaposed with the world-famous Liver Building, this is easy. However, areas like Hull are a little more problematic. The client was delighted with the result and on a personal note, it was a fantastic opportunity to revisit an area of the country I had not seen in fifteen years.

Photographing a city is not as big a job as you might think, in many ways capturing a whole building is far more complex. I know from experience that exterior photography is often dictated by the weather, but interior photography may involve using some extra lighting. This takes time to set up and re-locate between rooms. In an empty building it may take you ten minutes to find the light switches, all part of the process!

buildings and projects photographer - Crucible Theatre Sheffield
Blaydon Health center Location Building Photgrapher
buildings and projects photographer 2

The Bueaty of the Built

I do enjoy working with people and photographing working environments, as the variety of life is its richness. I also enjoy the purity of photographing buildings and the urban environment. Obviously, when there is geometry and structure there is also a sense of control and calm. One thing that is undeniable, it would be so much simpler if you could control the weather. If you require a buildings and projects photographer then don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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