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Working as a Archtectural Photographer in Sheffield I often get commissioned when a project has been completed and before the client has moved in. This is when it looks pristine and is yet to be filled with the stuff that humans inevitably bring with them. As well as being commissioned by architects to photograph their projects I often get asked to photograph housing developments, care homes, health centres, retail outlets and hotels.

Whether its care homes or a new housing scheme that has been completed, all these projects need excellent photography to showcase the work at its best. When you consider that commercial and domestic building in the UK is such a huge sector it is vital that these projects stand out and professional quality photography is an essential component.

Architectural Photographer in Sheffield
Architectural Photographer in Yorkshire

Freelance Architectural Photographer in Yorkshire

Working as a freelance architectural photographer I get to be a huge variety of different buildings and projects. It’s fascinating to see how architects use space and light to alter the character of building.  Small touches or splashes of colour can make a huge difference in a health centre. Subtly shifting the space from a hyper-efficient clinical environment into a softer and more domestic setting. Sheffield is a rapidly growing city and new building are flying up and especially in the business parks that surround it.

I recently photographed the new SIG plc building just off Sheffield’s parkway.  SIG specialise in construction materials so it looked pretty good. specialise in As well as photographing new business and residential premisses I also get commissions from the hotel and hospitality sectors. See further samples of interiors photography here.

Architectural Photographer in Sheffield
Architectural Photographer in Yorkshire

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