Photography Course in Sheffield, South Yorkshire


As a professional mentor not only has Doug Jackson lectured at higher education establishments but has taken on supporting roles developing some of the current professionals working in the UK today.


Doug Jackson offers a practical training approach that maximises camera time and would be suitable for basic to advanced users of digital SLR's. From landscape to portrait photography the day sessions include lunch, refreshments and hand-outs as well as follow up advice and support.


 The course covers basic camera handling techniques to advanced off camera flash photography and location lighting. Whatever level you are at Doug Jackson will help you progress to the next stage.


Courses for a group of 3 friends start for as little as £75 per day.


Small groups of 2 or 3 ensure that you will get the most out of your experience as well as some time to review your portfolio.


The Basics - An introduction to understanding and using a Digital SLR and editing your pictures


The Start-up - A first look at using techniques for composition and exposure and lens choice


 Location Photography - Shooting a landscape, understanding composition and perspective, texture and detail


Courses are target at your level so can concentrate on whatever elements you would like to work on. Maximum group size is three!


Flash Lighting 1 - Looking at basic portrait lighting. Flash and natural light, cropping and posing


Flash Lighting 2 - A more advanced look at using wireless flash and lighting effects indoors and outdoors


Studio Lighting - Introduction to studio photography for people, product and still life studies


As these modules are single days and have interchangeable elements, they can be adapted depending on what you want to achieve with your training.


Here are few comments from some previous clients:

Gail Anderson, County Durham


"I had only owned my SLR for 3 weeks before meeting up with Doug, and barely knew what it (or I) were capable of. I was initially worried that such as established photographer as Doug would move to fast and confuse me; but that wasn't the case.


Doug was patient and explained everything in a way that made total sense. Aspects of photography that I had been reading around (and struggling with) were explained by Doug in easier terms and then reiterated in the practical exercises.


Above all, Doug was a friendly and approachable tutor who made me feel at ease and I had a very interesting and productive day. I left with over 300 pictures and tons of inspiration."


Peter Ellis, Teesside


"I contacted Doug about a year ago as I needed help with my flash photography. To be honest I was struggling with my photos when using a flash, mainly indoors and I knew Doug was a competent photographer with a lot of experience who could help me.


He started off with the basics of flash photography, from there we spent an interesting and enjoyable couple of hours looking at both indoor and outdoor photography covering areas such as portraits, fill flash, using reflectors, 1st and 2nd curtain and wireless flash photography.


During the training I found Doug’s relaxed approach very helpful as I was nervous to start with but he soon put me at ease. He was happy to answer the dumbest of question and showed real passion and knowledge for his art.


I would have no problem recommending him to anyone, at any level, for training. Whoever you are and what ever level you are at I feel confident you would learn something from Doug."


Jeff James , Tyne and Wear


"I don't have an artistic flair, so I shouldn't have been surprised when I bought my DSLR and found that it didn't automatically make me a brilliant photographer. But before binning it and starting a new hobby, I spent some time with Doug, learning the basics of manual settings, exposure, shutter speeds and depth of field. More importantly though, what I really picked up from my lessons were the real fundamentals that make a good photograph, framing and use of light. Doug's a genius with both of these and suddenly I found that I was taking good, interesting photographs that actually said something about the subject.

His relaxed and fun style, his vast experience of capturing moments and moods and his passion for spreading the joy to others makes lessons with him very rewarding and very easy to lose track of time. What he'll teach you is a little bit of art. The techy stuff suddenly becomes a by-product and you find yourself considering the moment and how best to use light and composition to make your photograph a story. Even my compact snaps are worth looking at now."


Ceri Oakes- Professional Press Photographer, Whitby Gazette


 "Doug Jackson is a great photographer and tutor both for his expertise in the technical side of photography but also at sharing his passion for photography and motivating you to develop your skills.


 Doug went through a range of techniques with me starting from the basics leading up to some complex lighting set ups. He is great at simplifying what can seem quite technical and daunting when you are starting out.


 The time I spent learning with Doug was very practical, he made me feel at ease and I had a lot of fun training with him."





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