Problems with TR-332 pixel wireless flash triggers


I bought the Pixel Knight TR-332 system about a month ago and was sceptically from the beginning about the reliability of the system. I normally use Elinchrom Skyport flash triggers but being limited to 1/200th of a second sync speed can be a pain. That’s why I thought I’d go for these.


Anyway the battery life seems pretty woeful with one (new energizer lithium)battery going dead in one of the receivers in two weeks despite being turned off. The e-ttl function works ok with one receiver although it turns itself off for a reason I cannot fathom. Sometimes it does it straight away and other times after use, unpredictably. I’ve tried it with different flashes and the same result. The second receiver I bought has developed a different and yet equally charming characteristic.


It freezes and displays ‘err 20’ after 3 shots when using e-ttl. On manual it seems to work ok apart from occasionally switching itself off for no reason, obviously a family trait.


Problems with TR-332 pixel wireless flash triggers


I actually ordered three receivers but one never turned up. I’ve complained to the Chinese supplier. I have bought and reviewed photographic equipment from loads of different sources over the years and I can honestly say I’m tired of shoddy first generation products from China that don’t seem to have the testing and tech support required.


I tried to contact the supplier and the manufacturer to return these units but they have both given me the run around before finally ceasing communication. So I’ve given up. It’s not like me but I have a business to run and I’d rather be out there with my trusty reliable Elinchrom Skyports than have these fail on me again.


In conclusion they are too unreliable for a professional. You wouldn’t want to lose a good client over having your equipment fail while using these. For a well off amateur it may prove a novelty but be prepared for disappointment. As a working commercial and PR photographer I will not have flakey equipment in my work bag. It has to work when it's needed most....







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