Newark Civil War Centre - PR Photography in Newark


Newark PR Photographer- The National Civil War Centre in Newark - Early days PR Photography


It's key for any new project to have some powerful images in the bag when issuing a press release. With something as prestigious as a new centre for national heritage, even more so.  I have always  been interested in our countries military history but of all the conflicts I have remained most ignorant of the Civil War.


I could tell you the odd fact about the Crimean conflict and even know a little about the Boar Wars but the one conflict that in some ways effect this country more than any other has remained a mystery, until now. After visiting the National Civil War Centre (as it will be) I have started reading about the history of this conflict and I have to say it is beguiling. Not only is it the story of religious and political conflict on a Machiavellian level but also it the story of everyday people and families.


We had half a day in Newark working with PR guru, Richard Darn and Michael Constantine. Michael has taken charge if this 5.4 million pound project. The shoots started with photographing some civil war re-enactors at Newark's lovely Castle. We then have a quick tour of what will be the new the Civil War Centre in Newark's  Appleton Gate.  This was the former Old Magnus Building and in its self is an amazing place with a long and tangled history.

Finally I had the pleasure of photographing some wonderful civil war artifacts including some siege currency, pamphlets, siege maps and musket ball to list just a little.


It is a fascinating project and due to open in Autumn 2014 and I'm sure it will be a great success. It was a really interesting photography brief and I was pleased to see the images used well in the press including the Sheffield Star, The Yorkshire Post and some national and local media.  Also as per usual a internet search reveals many trade and culture website picking up on the story too.







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