What is Blipfoto and what’s it for?


What is Blipfoto?

 I’m a bit late to this one but will share my first impression. Blipfoto was started by Edinburgh’s Joe Tree and Graham Maclachlan back in 2004 but has taken a while to be fully integrated into the photographic community. For further reading see an interview with Joe Tree on the Edinburgh Spotlight website.


 It’s basically an online photo journal that allows you to upload only one image a day. Membership is free for a basic account although you can become a premium user for £25.00 a year which will entitle you to several extra benefits. The most crucial one that appeals to me is the ability for other users to see your images full screen instead of the preview size. That said I haven’t as yet got a full membership although intend to do so.



 There is no advertising on Blipfoto and although it ties in with other social media it does so in a way that leaves the interface refreshingly clean and simple. You have on the home page a stream of images that will appear as they upload allowing you to surf the images in bulk. The main tactic I’m using at the moment is browsing at random and when I find an image that jumps out I will explore the rest of images from that users previous entries. If those photographs are interesting then I’ll subscribe to that users account. So in principle your list of subscriptions becomes your ‘friends’ list.



 There is now the usual I-Phone app for Blipfoto. Overall the interface is easy and quick. It must be good as Blipfoto recently scooped a Scottish BAFTA Best Web award!


So why bother?

 From my own perspective as a professional photographer it’s a place to post images that I like. I do spend time when I’m working fulfilling the brief of the client and although I’m obviously happy with the results these images are essentially…work.


Blipfoto is about me as a person and not just about being as an amateur or a professional but just about the joy of taking a photo for its aesthetic value.


The real kicker is you are basically posting a photo a day (although you don’t have to) which means that even on those days I’m in the office editing or relaxing at some point I have to think about a picture. Some people would maybe say this is silly as when you’re not at work you should not be thinking about work. I take a different view. As a busy professional the process of photography becomes about the product. You can forget the simple pleasures of taking the camera on a walk or even looking around you kitchen for an interesting macro shot.


I always said that I looked at the world more closely with a camera in my hand. It’s as if my eyes are half asleep when I’m not looking for a picture.


In addition there is such a broad spectrum of images and ideas that it is good site to surf for ideas yourself and why take without contributing yourself. From the abstract to the concise there seems to be something to make everyone smile.


So are all the photos on Blipfoto wonderful captured moments? Frankly, no. But they are pictures that mean something to the people who take them….which is all that counts.



 Check out Blipfoto at http://www.blipfoto.com/










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