Godox Propac PB-820 battery pack review


Godox Propac PB-820 battery pack review: First Impressions


I'm getting quite used to buying random Chinese products from online shops or eBay and on first look these little devils seem to be better than some of my recent investments.






























Portable flash power packs were previously sold by just a few companies (such as Quantum) and although they are just batteries it always seemed to me that £300 was far too expensive for what must be a relatively straight forward product to manufacture. Nowadays many companies have picked up the gauntlet and offer, unquestionably, more value for money. These include Their latest multi-front assault on the portable flash market include the Phottix Battery Pack and various ebay specials.


Functionally the battery packs do all and everything that is required of them. They feature an on/off switch and a charge level indicator. Connectivity is via a single DIN 45326 socket (compatible with Quantum Turbo cables) which doubles up as both the output and charging port. Although there are lugs on both sides, no strap is provided for the units, although there is a handy and sturdy belt clip.


Despite the Propac pb-820 featuring a 9.6V nickel metal hydride 2000 mAh battery the Propac is a mere 502 grams which iss pretty comparable with the Canon.... and the photix..... (150*104*44mm). The size makes them easy to slip under a jacket but they are a little big for an inside pocket. They boast a 320 shot charge which I would say must be at full power as I must have got a least 400 shots out of mine before the charge light showed they were down to 25%. So pretty good really. Charge time for me has never been more that 2 hours.

Although both the units I ordered came is austere black these are also available in lime green, ideal for Kawasaki riders and fans of citrus fruit!


I have used these on my belt for on camera flash work as well as on light stands for off camera stuff and always find them to work well.


With AA batteries alone, a Canon Speedlite 580 ex mk II takes about 4 seconds to recycle from a full power flash and with the Propac it is less than a second.


Compared to Canon CP-E4 (and Pixel TD-381 flashgun power pack for Canon Flashgun)equivalent Flash power pack) is around the same weight and actually refreshes at about the same rate as the PB-820.




Excellent little power packs and perfect for event photography and for the wedding photographer who doesn't want to miss a thing. These power pack do offer excellent value for money and if i had one complaint with it is this......

 The din connector that joins the cable to the battery pack body occasionally lifts out as there is no lock on it and the push fit friction that secures the din is not enough.....that's my only beef.



 Time will tell just how long they last.


Thanks for popping by....Doug




November 2010




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