Focus Test Canon 5D Mark II V Canon 5D


Once the beginning of December I’ve been using canon’s 5D mark II body alongside my usual ‘pro’ gear. There are some aspects of the camera I’m very impressed with in particular the low light performance is excellent and I’ve shot at 6400ISO with great results as long as you metering accurate.



Sadly like the rest of the Canon range below the 1D-Mark III the 5D mark II has inherited some of it’s families poor genetics ie. The stupid function dial on top left of the camera body. This can easily be knocked to any of the multitude of settings while on the shoulder. I normally shoot in manual, Av or Tv mode as like any normal human I have no need for an espresso, de-mist, quick spin, or whatever the other nonsense does. Another wonderful design feature is the review button (play) is directly above the delete button in a row of buttons. Did this not seem a bit silly at the design stage.



Nikon’s current range of bodies seems even better than the old D1’s and D2’s I used to use and found wonderfully intuitive compared at all Canon gear. But ho-hum I’m now too committed to Canon to jump and aside from Canon’s quirks I was excited about the 5D Mark II.



Overall it produces great quality images and after owning a 5D for a couple of years I’m a massive convert to full-frame cameras. I remember comparing images from the Canon 1D-mark IIn with the 5D and being amazed how good the 5D was. The only downside I’ve noticed is the odd soft focused shot. I found this particularly noticeable at wide apertures such as f2.8 and f1.8.



 The short falls in focusing seem to be random and not predictable. I decided to do some test shots to assess how accurate the focusing is compared to the 5D. See below.




 Or all these shots I used the same settings where possible and

 the same lenses.

There's not a lot in it at these relatively close-up distances. further tests tomorrow me thinks.....


09/10/2010 - Doug Jackson









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